Irwin Tools Aviation Snips 10 inch AMR-2073111

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Irwin Tools Utility Snips 10 inch AMR-2073111

AMR-2073111 Overview

The IRWIN 2073101 Aviation snip is a left or straight cut snip. The precision formed blades are 44% stronger for extended cutting life and requires 25% less cutting force and have a 15% longer cutting stroke. The lower serrated blade grips the material giving you a smoother cut. The optimized torsion spring increases reliability and durability and gives you a smooth and fast operation. The 12 Gauge alloy steel spines give you a stronger handle with increased rigidity and less flexing. The IRWIN snips hand span has been reduced by 10% which provides you with increased control, less hand fatigue, and makes it easier to grip. Te overmolded pro touch grips are injection moulded around the heavy steel spines and resist twisting and will not slip off. The pro touch also gives you a superior comfort and control and also is designed to reduce hand fatigue.


  • Snip tool features compound cutting action with textured grips and an E-Z close latch
  • Snips are great for cutting sheet metal, vinyl, plastic, rubber and many other applications
  • Multipurpose snips with compound cutting leverage
  • Pro-Touch Grips provide superior comfort and resist twisting
  • Cuts up to 18-gauge cold-roll steel and 23-gauge stainless-steel
  • Precision formed blades
  • Lastly, Over moulded pro touch grips





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