Rodeo 110-Indoor Racing Drone; Ready to fly with DEVO7/VTX/Camera/Battery/Charger

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Rodeo 110 Indoor Racing Drone

Rodeo 110 Indoor Racing Drone Overview

It compromised Walkera\’s strong technology and the deep insight into the requirements of the players. adopts the volume and the Weight as coreless motors,but has the violent acceleration as racing drones,it makes you enjoy the funny of the FPV racing,Although Rodeo 110 is small but complete, violent acceleration body wheelbase is only 110 mm, net weight(not including the battery)is less than 100g, but Rodeo 110 compromises the strong brushless power and the high impacted carbon fiber body frame.Front lamp HD camera and 5.8GHZ real-time image transmission technology, makes you have a free fight although in an indoors dark light.



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