MIMIC Beta – for use with M5, M10, M15

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The MIMIC Beta includes a handlebar, MIMIC controller and transmitter, a receiver for your MōVI, and a mounting point to attach a monitor to the handlebar. In addition, we are providing a small USB battery to power the MIMIC.


  • Plug in the attached USB cable into a 5V, USB power source. We have provided a small USB battery with the MIMIC Beta kit, and most any USB battery will work.
  • As soon as power is supplied via the USB cable, the MIMIC will turn on.

Alternately, you can power the MIMIC Beta with the supplied USB cable plugged into the battery plate on our V-Lock Handlebar Adapter Kit.

NOTE: When applying power to the MIMIC Beta, ensure you do not depress the Pan Freeze button while the MIMIC Beta is first turning on. Doing so will require a power cycle of the MIMIC Beta. Also, keep the MIMIC Beta handlebar still during the boot sequence. It is best to set it down for 18-25 seconds after powering it, to ensure the initialization is not interrupted.

To charge the USB battery, plug the included charge cable into the micro-USB charge port on the USB battery, then plug the cable into a USB outlet to charge.


  • The MōVI must have firmware version 4.02 or later.
  • In addition, adjusting MIMIC settings requires using the PC MōVI App version 3.10 or later, the MAC or Android MōVI App version 1.63 or later.

 After installing firmware v4.02 or later,

  • Change the MōVI Radio Type from the default (DSMX 2048) to MōVI Controller – This can be done from the Freefly MōVI app (PC, Mac, Android) in the Remote Controller Config menu.
  • The values of the other parameters in this menu (Map Remote Mode, etc.) do not matter for this Radio Type and can be left at their defaults.


Currently, It only works with the MōVI Gimbal Application setting set to Handheld. This setting is found under the General Menu.

After installing the MōVI Controller Receiver and configuring the MōVI Radio Type as described above, the MIMIC Beta can send commands to the MōVI.

Mimic Beta Modes:

There are four different MIMIC modes. The modes can be changed in the Freefly App when connected to the MōVI, under the Remote Operator Config group.


Direct mode gives you the most responsive control between the MIMIC Beta and the MōVI. Whatever the MIMIC Beta does, the MōVI will respond as quickly as possible in pan, tilt and roll.

Level Roll

Level Roll mode gives similar responsiveness as a Direct mode but maintains a level roll attitude at all times.

Majestic Pan

In this setting, an input from the MIMIC Beta is smoothed using the same settings as in Majestic Config. To change these settings, use the Majestic Config group. Pan Window and Pan Smoothing settings apply. In this mode, the control of tilt is direct, meaning it is not smoothed and is very responsive. Roll is also held level.

Majestic Pan and Tilt (Maj Pan&Tilt)

In this mode, both pan and tilt are smoothed using Majestic Mode settings. To change these settings, use the Majestic Config group. Roll is also held level.


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