Goodyear 178K43-1 Flight Eagle-Tubeless Aircraft Tire





Goodyear 178K43-1 Flight Eagle-Tubeless Aircraft Tire


Tested And Proven Superior To Service And Low Cost-Per-Landing

Since the late 1950’s through today, more business aircraft have landed on Goodyear aircraft tires than any other brand, including the Lockheed Jet Star, North AmericanSaberliner and Grumman Gulfstream business aircraft.

The Goodyear Flight Eagle:

  • Designed specifically for each business jet
  • applicationQualified to rigorous OEM
  • requirementsFeatures long-life tread
  • compoundsIncorporates state-of-the-art inner liner
  • materials for superior air retentionIncludes tire
  • construction that enhances resistance to wheel/brake heat

178K43-1 Features


  • Computer-aided design
  • Special inner-liners
  • Enhanced bead compounds and construction
  • Special wear-resistant tread compounds
  • Sidewalls with a reservoir of antioxidants




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