EPOCAST 50-A1 Resin

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EPOCAST 50-A1 Resin

EPOCAST 50-A1 Resin Overview

We have designed Huntsman’s Epocast 50-A1 Resin / Hardener 946 for the manufacture and repair of composite structures. This unfilled and easy-to-handle material is solvent-free, and self-extinguishing. We can use Epocast 50-A1 Resin / Hardener 946 for filament winding and is qualified to the Boeing BMS 8-201, Type IV specification. If additional information regarding application methods is required, please contact a certified Krayden Technical Representative.


On its own, this Epoxy Laminating Resin is amber in color, and the 946 hardener is a straw colour. The final colour of this system is amber. The density for the Epocast 50-A1 Resin is 1.21 g/cc, for the 946 hardeners is 1.05 g/cc, and together their density is 1.18.



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