Draganfly X4-P Base

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Draganfly X4-P Professional Quadcopter (Base Model)

The Draganflyer X4-P helicopter is a professional quality, powerful, easy to fly aerial platform delivering high-quality aerial photography and video. The aircraft is reliable because it’s constructed using high-quality carbon fibre and injection moulded components, meaning that when you need to fly, the aircraft will perform.

Patented Folding Airframe

A good quality folding frame means you have a strong aerial platform that you can easily pack into the back seat or trunk of an automobile. The easier the aircraft is to transport, the faster you can get from one job to another.

Ultraportable Transport Case

When packed in its rugged transport case, the complete helicopter system meets airline baggage size requirements. It saves you from those expensive over-size charges. Because we have designed the Draganfly system in-house, we control the quality, design, software and systems integration, delivering a helicopter system that is inherently stable making this a dream to fly.

The onboard computer and 11 sensors keep the helicopter level in real-time and pointed in the right direction. So when you “park” the helicopter in the air using the GPS position hold function, you can shift your attention to getting the photos you need. Even in a GPS position hold you can reposition the aircraft, continue shooting photos. Meanwhile, the telemetry data system is monitoring aircraft battery health, heading, bearing, altitude, and both audibly and visually alerting you to any aircraft warnings, making this aircraft easy to fly and maintain.

Draganflyers Deliver Quality Results

The Draganflyer X4-P is a technologically advanced UAS designed to carry a variety of high-quality camera and payload systems. Because of that, we can achieve high-quality aerial photography or wide-ranging applications from industrial inspection to surveying, mapping, and agriculture.

Powerful and Stable Aerial Platform

  • The Draganflyer X4-P helicopter is a professional quality, powerful, easy to fly aerial platform designed to deliver high-quality results.
  • The folding airframe and quick change payload system make this one of the most practical and versatile systems on the market.


  • BRAND: Draganfly
  • MAX ALTITUDE: 0-2500m
  • Finally, FLIGHT ENDURANCE: 0-30min

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