Draganfly X4-P Agriculture

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X4-P Agriculture

X4-P Agriculture is highly regarded as a leader in Public Safety aerial solutions. The Draganflyer X4-P is a technologically advanced platform designed for a wide variety of applications. Demanding applications such as high-quality aerial photography, surveying, aerial 3D modelling, mapping, and also agriculture.

Patented Folding Airframe

A leader in innovation and design, therefore we patented the folding airframe with the release of our original Draganflyer X6 system back in 2008.

You should consider many factors when purchasing a small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS). At the top of the list: reliable, practical, quick to deploy, and also the ability to consistently deliver high-quality data.

We’ve learned a great deal since 2008. Over the years we’ve dramatically improved the design, durability, and flight characteristics of the folding airframe and our systems.

Custom Handheld Controller

Touchscreen, real-time telemetry, and also precise control

There’s no guessing about the status of your aircraft; real-time aircraft data is there at your fingertips to provide altitude, heading, bearing, battery voltage, GPS status, airspeed, the rate of ascent, and much more. Audible alarms alert critical status changes and even better, the high-quality OLED touchscreen display is sunlight viewable.

Wirelessly connect a second controller for flight training or a dedicated photographer. There’s no cable tether here; it’s wireless, so you need not to join at the hip with your photographer. The pilot can walk freely and fly the aircraft while the photographer can relax and have full control over the camera.

Powerful Aerial Imaging

Whether it’s high-quality aerial stills, video, thermal, or multispectral data, Draganfly partners with the best-of-the-best in the industry to provide a powerful, quality solution.

Powerful is our Sony line of payloads, which provides the ability to change exposure settings and switch modes on-the-fly.

Powerful is our dual payload system, on-the-fly switching between colour and thermal FLIR imaging, beaming live video from either camera to the handheld controller or display.

All gimbals are 2-axis brushless stabilized and with an additional handheld controller, camera controls can wirelessly slave to a separate camera operator.

Quick-release Payloads

Change payload options in seconds.

The Draganfly Quick-Release (QR) payload is clean, simple, fast, and it also eliminates the need for messy cables between the payload and helicopter.

The benefit: it’s very fast to swap payloads and there are no worries about missing a critical connection. Clean, quick, professional … that’s a simple way to sum-up the Draganfly QR payload system.

Quick-release Propellers

Efficient motor cooling on a whole new level.

Our patent-pending, quarter-turn mounting propellers get you in the air fast. The efficient carbon fiber propellers ensure proper placement on the appropriate motor and incorporate a powerful, centrifugal cooling system. The combination of all of these features provides you with long-lasting flight times and extreme portability.

Intelligent Battery

Safe, durable, and also long-lasting

The battery is the magic behind high quality and small unmanned systems. At Draganfly, Innovations we take this very seriously. With the push of a button we quickly pre-flight the battery and our in-house design circuitry are consistently balancing the cells providing under-voltage, over-voltage, and short–circuit protection.

Ultraportable Transport Case

Finally, Protect your investment; take your system anywhere, anytime.

Every Draganflyer X4-P Agriculture system comes standard with a custom designed military grade transport case for ultra-portability. CNC foam cut-outs provide a safe and convenient place for every component. A lighter and more compact backpack option is also available upon request.

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