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The first public safety sUAS to shoot aerial photos documenting a manned aircraft accident in an urban area. The first sUAS operated by a public safety organization flown at night to locate and save a life. Furthermore, the first sUAS helicopter to be granted a countywide U.S. FAA COA, and also just recently named as a test platform at one of the U.S. FAA certified test sites.

It’s exciting to be on the leading edge both technically and leading the way with the deployment and implementation of sUAS flight worldwide. Draganfly has the largest Canadian SFOC and U.S.A. FAA COA “approved” installed sUAS customer base in North America.

Over the last 15-17 years, we have learned a great deal. It is safe to say we have lot of experience. This experience goes into the design of our aircraft and even better, adds value to our customers.

Quickly get the big picture

A clear view from above brings a new perspective to the investigation of a serious collision. While capturing images from just 10 to 30 meters above the scene, things that were not readily apparent at ground level pop-out. With a large collision debris field fly even higher to capture the full scene.

And getting in the air is quick and simple. The Draganfly system packs down into a small rugged case. With our patented folding frame, pat-pending quick attach props, folding landing gear, and quick-release payload system, aircraft assembly is quick and easy.

Once in the air, fly the helicopter into position. You can place the aircraft in a GPS position hold state and simply climb to the desired altitude. As you fly the aircraft, you receive a live video feed from the helicopter. You can view what the camera sees, so you can frame and get the desired photographs.

Aerial 3D scanning

You can use the Draganfly system as a very powerful aerial 3D scanner. In combination with our partners from Pix4D, you can fly a grid pattern over the crime scene or collision scene. It captures the required number of images to create a highly detailed and extremely accurate 3D model of the area.

By creating a 3D model, you are preserving the crime scene that you can view from the convenience of your office, from any perspective and used by other personnel as needed to investigate and document the scene. When we say detailed, we’re talking about millimetre accuracies.

For instance, you can capture 3D point cloud data from the helicopter where every point is measured, animated, and also combined with traditional 3D CAD or 3D models as needed.


As we mentioned earlier we’ve been designing and building sUAS systems for 18 years and as a result, have the largest approved (Transport Canada and U.S. FAA) public safety installed customer base in North America.

Our customers are worldwide. Customers use drones daily by for traffic collision documentation, crime scene documentation, search and rescue, tactical applications, and also forensic aerial 3D imaging.

The aircraft is easy to operate, rugged, and because we know transport space is at a premium, the systems pack-down quickly into a tough transport case making this one of the most practical solutions on the market.

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