Draganfly Commander Max

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World’s Most Advanced Platform

The Draganflyer Commander helicopter is a professional quality, powerful, easy to fly aerial platform specifically designed for high endurance applications for agriculture, public safety, search and rescue, mapping, aerial photography and much more. Powerful 40-minute flight endurance, quick release brushless stabilized payloads, rugged carbon fiber construction, and patented folding airframe.

High Endurance

The Commander is a high endurance system capable of safely flying 100 acres for high-quality data acquisition with our 2-axis stabilized Sony QX100 payload and digital video downlink system. We have connected the high power dual battery system using aerospace quality connectors. Because of that, it provides an extra layer of protection where if a single battery fails, the aircraft will continue to sustain a flight to a safe landing.

Like all aircraft, whether full size or unmanned, flight performance will vary based on weather and payload. With our lightweight payloads, the system will safely fly for up to 40 minutes. But please note, varying payload weight will affect flight time.

At Draganfly we take flight time very seriously. So we developed an incredibly accurate method of monitoring battery usage displayed in real-time to the handheld controller.

Terrain Sensor

The high-quality range sensor provides a safe and reliable means to automatically take-off and lands the aircraft. The range sensor is fully integrated into the autopilot system. It works in conjunction with a precision barometric sensor to provide the best in altitude performance.

Battery App

Have you ever wanted to know the exact status and history of your batteries? Because of our new advanced battery technology, we developed an app that wirelessly connects to the battery. It provides you with detailed performance and historical data. What this means is that even before you put a battery into the helicopter you have access to the complete history and status to ensure a safe flight or mission.

Powerful Payloads

Honestly, it’s all about the payload. We have developed a rock solid aerial platform that is portable, high endurance, with extensive safety features, but the real work gets done with our wide range of “quick release” payload modules. For colour optical work our payloads range from 20.2 to 21.1-megapixel sensors with optical zoom capability of 2.9x to 20x with both 2-axis or 3-axis brushless stabilized high-quality gimbals. More specialized payloads include the FLIR TAU 2 thermal imaging system and the MicaSense 5-band multispectral camera system.

All payloads feature the Draganflyer Quick Release (QR) system. Finally, the QR payloads snap in place and even better, no cable connections required and yet, provide high-quality digital video downlink.


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