Draganfly Commander Base

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The Draganflyer Commander Base helicopter is a professional quality, powerful, easy to fly aerial platform specifically designed for high endurance applications for agriculture, public safety, search and rescue, mapping, also aerial photography and much more. Lastly, Powerful 40-minute flight endurance, quick release brushless stabilized payloads, rugged carbon fibre construction, and patented folding airframe.

Patented Folding Airframe

Space saving design for convenient transportation.

Size matters, so the Draganflyer CommanderBase packs up small but retains the ability to be quickly assembled, set-up, and also deployed. At Draganfly we understand that the design of an excellent sUAS package goes well beyond the aircraft.

Dual Battery High Endurance System

Designed for large acreage or long on-station time.

Designed for large coverage area or long on-station time. Unlike some other systems where the batteries are simply connected in parallel, the Draganfly Commander Agriculture system is designed for a safe battery to interconnect and also provides redundancy in the rare event that one battery should fail.

Powerful Aerial Imaging

On the fly switching between colour and thermal FLIR imaging.

The Draganfly dual payload system features a brushless 2-axis stabilized mount housing two camera systems that function as one.

During the same mission, you can view and capture high resolution still images and/or at any time switch the video downlink feed to the FLIR camera system. All the while, the FLIR subsystem is recording video to the onboard micro DVR. Two camera subsystems that to the user appear to function as one. That’s powerful imaging from Draganfly Innovations.

Quick-release Propellers

Efficient motor cooling on a whole new level.

Our patented quarter-turn mounting propellers get you in the air fast. Also, We have the efficient carbon fibre propellers are to ensure proper placement of the appropriate motor.

This unique mounting system also incorporates a powerful, centrifugal cooling system. The combination of all of these features provides you with long-lasting flight times and extreme portability.

Quick-release Payloads

Change your powerful payload options in seconds.

The Draganfly Quick Release (QR) payload is clean, simple, fast, and even better, it eliminates the need for messy cables between the payload and helicopter.

Finally, The benefit: it’s very fast to swap payloads and there are no worries about missing a critical connection. Clean, quick, professional. That’s a simple way to sum-up the Draganfly QR payload system.

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