CFC FREE Electro Contact Cleaner

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CFC FREE – Electro Contact Cleaner

CFC Features

  • Format: 11 oz.
  • Container Type: Aerosol Can
  • Cleans and also degreases delicate precision mechanisms
  • Plastic safe formula that will not damage sensitive electronics
  • Fast drying to minimize downtime
  • The penetrating action removes oil, grease, dirt, flux, and also other contaminants.
  • Fast evaporation
  • No residue
  • Low odour
  • Non-conductive
  • No HCFC’s
  • Inverta Spray Valve allows you to spray in an upright or inverted position
  • SAFETY TIP To assure material compatibility, test product in a small inconspicuous area or similar expendable component prior to use. Do not use on energized electrical equipment or equipment in operation and also allow the surface to dry before a restart.




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