Altura Zenith RTF Mapping no Pix4D





What’s included

  • Altura Zenith ATX8 with Inspection set up
  • Gimbal AT-200
  • Extra battery
  • Altura Ground Control Station
  • Altura Payload Control Station
  • Flight case
  • Power Package ( 20.000 mAh battery, power pack (110-220 V), & battery charger)
  • Simulator (flight training software)


The ready-to-fly Zenith is one of those sturdy drones that can fly in any weather condition. No matter if it’s heavy rain, freezing snow or strong winds. With a flick of a switch you’ll have it up in the air and with the help of the joystick RF control module, you can either choose to fly it full manual or in GPS mode. When using GPS assisted control,  you can take nice and steady photos by enabling the altitude hold or position hold mode. It is not all about taking images, you can also use the Dog mode (Follow me mode) to let the drone fly autonomously and record a video of your action on the go. Moreover, the Zenith is capable of flying along pre-defined paths for the purpose of surveying and monitoring the field.

Gimbals, Cameras and Sensors

The Zenith is compatible with most gimbals in the market, however, the company supplies their own AV200 and AV130  servo-driven “Click ’and go” gimbals which are best for medium and large-sized cameras. These 2 -3 axis brushless stabilised gimbals can carry cameras that weigh up to 1 kg. The drone features a modular payload system and it is much flexible that you can simply interchange a variety of cameras and sensors, for instance, the sniffer sensor can be used to detect and analyse chemicals, or, the multispectral sensor to show you new perspectives on the health of crops (GIS mapping). The Zenith’s Altura Cardan payload adaptor is a platform compatible with many choices of gimbals and payloads to mount in a few seconds. The adopter has integrated vibration dampening system which enables the drone to carry any kind of payloads.

The Controller

The Altura Ground Control System (GCS) with an attached tablet gives you full control over the drone. You can choose either to use Joysticks or the touchscreen tablet using the in-house app. Due to which, It can simply navigate the drone either fully manual or autonomously. Aside from the attached tablet, there is also another tablet to just bring every possible solution to control your drone with ease.

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