600X6X6 Michelin Condor Tires





600X6X6 Michelin Condor Tires


Michelin Air Tires are designed to prevent premature ageing.  They have a smooth and sleek sidewall for appearance.  Enhancements developed to improve wheel fit and air retention.  Precise building techniques were used to provide outstanding balance properties. Michelin Air Tires have advanced tread compounds to provide long wear.

600X6X6 Features

  • Strong sidewalls for exceptional durability, even after frequent hard landings
  • Tough treads compounded for high abrasion resistance, low heat generation and extra long life
  • Smooth liners to help prevent tube chafing
  • Full FAA qualification based on thorough static and also dynamic testing
  • Each production tyre is subject to final inspection and a check for weight and also balance
  • Limited warranty guarantees that each Condor tyre is free from any manufacturing defects
  • Lastly, Condor tyres are available in a variety of sizes for light to medium general aviation aircraft



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